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The · hematoma · caused · the · coma

That's a catchy diagnosis. You could dance to that.

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So apparently my infatuation with Livejournal has come to a close once again. I tend to do this in cycles, where I either love LJ to bits, or I forget I have an account for several months.

This time, I can mostly blame Myspace. Jason and Chris got me addicted to it, so now I spend more time over there and have basically ignored this account. How sad.

I do have a use still for LJ, however. There is a wonderful community I've found called devildoglovers, for the women of Marines. It's a very good group :)

I don't think I've properly explained the Jeff situation very much. Long story short, the guy I am seeing is currently deployed. His name is Jeff. Hence the Jeff Situation. lol.

Anyway, I will try to continue to update here as much as possible, although I don't think I'm read by anyone anyways so it probably doesn't make much of a difference. If you know my Myspace, just check for updates there.


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If you have a DA account, go read Chapter One and let me know what you think!


*promptly runs and hides*

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I'm not dead, I swear. Just crazily, insanely busy.

So, for a quick summary:

Finger: still good. :)
Weather: Amazing
Guy: Still sweet, lol
Bike: fun to ride
Newspaper: funfunfun
Job: Also good
Photography: Goodliness

Okay. See you next month. lol

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Seriously, that made my day...

Ronan: Ok Sex Kittens it’s a pornographic movie but with all the pornography cut out of it.Ahhhhh-ha-ha.there is a frustrating hour..Who came up with that…”I know lets make a porno film,take all the fucking out and leave in all that witty dialogue and intricate plot.

It's bad when everyone looks at you because you can't stop giggling at the school computer and you can't explain why you are laughing so hard... lol

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Layout done. Good Lord.
*passes out*
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Well, today is my first day back to school after my surgery. Still hurts like hell, but I've got plenty of meds to help me out ;) I did make the mistake of taking two today instead of the one I was planning on taking so...I'm a little out of it at the moment. whoops.

I'm taking an antibiotic because I ended up getting staph in my bone. Not all that surprising considering how many people leave hospitals these days with some form of staph. Been antibioticed (lol) for a few days now and it's feeling better.

Would like to go to Michaels (art store) today because canvasses are on sale, but I'll have to wait until I'm drivable first, lol.

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Going in for surgery tomorrow to fix that fingery goodness. I didn't realize I'd be under general...thought it'd only be local....I'm annoyed because there is a barn party being held tomorrow at 8pm, but I seriously doubt I'll be capable since my surgery will be finished about 5 or 6pm. Lol, can you imagine me, all doped up and at a barn party? That'd be bad.

Tonight is Terry and I's third date. Funny huh? I've never gone on so many dates in one week, especially with the same person! Monday was our first, last night was our second. I have to admit, I love this whole beginning-of-relationship-can't-get-enough stage. hehe. Also, man knows how to use the telephone, which is shocking to me. I love it. :)

Been meaning to do this and kept forgetting: I put up a deviantart account for the photos I've been taking. http://augustcoulter.deviantart.com
Go visit and bump up my page views ;) I have a very sad 15 at the moment.

Okay, for all of those inclined, my surgery starts at 3pm Pacific time. I would really appreciate it if ya'll would keep me in your thoughts and all of that. I know it's minor surgery, but hey, anytime under is a time under, right?
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Anyone who owns a cat:

Have you ever found your cat in a place that was so completely out of the norm for where they belong? Last night, actually about 2am, I went into the bathroom to, well, go to the bathroom. I turned on the light, and there is Boy Cat, sitting in the bathtub, staring at me. We stared at each other for a few seconds, then he hopped out and went in the other room.

That was a very wierd experience.

My birthday was okay. I wish I'd been able to have some friends around, but they were busy moving our teacher, so I understand. Terry called me at 10:30 the night of my birthday, after I'd given up on anyone calling me and wishing me a happy birthday. It was definately a treat hearing from him, especially because I've heard from him every day since then. Can't say the attention sucks ;)

I rode part of the Centennial Trail yesterday, which wore my ass out. I took a break halfway up a particularly horrible hill and called Terry (seeing a trend here? lol) and we talked for close to an hour before I continued on. I can't even describe how beautiful the weather was yesterday, especially out there near the Spokane River and all that wilderness. I can't believe how often I forget that there is such an amazing view so close to my home.

Today kind of sucked. Every other section got assigned stories, but since I have no writers, I got no assignments. It is unbelievably frustrating dealing with this quarter right now. I would love nothing more than to throw my hands up and say "fuck it" but I'm trying to be mature.

Okay, enough of that. I'm still in class so I can't really write about this much.
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I have to wonder where the 2% came from...and the asexuality? Just because I didn't answer "yes all the time" to the "when do you think about sex" questions?
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